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06 November 2007 @ 11:53 am
What are you going to hell for?  
I know exactly what I'm going to hell for: gluttony.

As I type this, it is 11am and I am already tucking into the sandwiches I brought for lunch (really strong vintage cheddar with avocado, cherry tomatoes and spinach and just a dash of mayonnaise on granary bread). Yesterday I was overjoyed to discover that Pret have already started doing those yummy Christmas sandwiches they do with turkey and cranberry and stuff. The thing that I am most going to miss about being in warmer climes for Christmas this year is missing out on a bit phat roast dinner and tucking into all the chocolates my mum's students give her every year. The first thing that I am likely to do on arrival in Mexico is to sample some local delicacies. Stephen and I are talking about going on a long weekend to Segovia next spring, partly for the glorious architecture and to practise our language skills, but mostly to stuff our faces with cochinillo and chorizo al vino and to go to Dia to buy a suitcase full of jamon de serrano and chorizo and olive oil - all those delicious things that cost a fortune in England. I have started a facebook group entitled, "The Chip Butty Appreciation Society". When I was a small child, my parents used to bribe me to do things I didn't want to do with jaffa cakes. I have been known to hallucinate about sushi.

What are you going to hell for?
Michelleillusive_shelle on November 7th, 2007 04:52 pm (UTC)
Luxuria and acedia are the two that would claim me, extravagance (lust) and sloth respectively.

Acedia is an easy one for which to condemn me. In everyday life, I am lazy in lots of little ways. I like staying in bed. I don't do the washing up immediately because I can't be bothered. I procrastinate instead of working or revising, even if there's nothing in particular that I want to do instead.

On the other hand, the major things are met with a thoroughness and a diligence that makes me wonder why I'm so lazy the rest of the time. When it comes to the important things, I'll give everything to something that matters.

Luruxia has the classical meaning of extravagance, but has changed slightly since. Both I'd argue hold true for me. I'll overspend to buy something 'shiny'. I enjoy comfort, good food, fine clothes. I'm a creature of hungers and appetites, which can and have overruled common sense in the past.

What probably condemns me most of all is that for that particular sin, I am extremely unrepenting.